Slope Game


is a game that helps you to test your reflection skills, requires the player to have quick hands, eyes. With this simple gameplay, this interesting game is suitable for all the ages, especially kids.
Your task in the game is to control the ball to run as quickly as possible to overcome obstacles on difficult terrain conditions. These are narrow paths, holes. If going wrong, the ball will fall into the abyss, the game requires the player to be highly focused. In order to get the high score, you need to go in the right direction.
Features, characteristics
Eye-catching, easy-to-see interface
It is possible to play full screen mode
Player is ranked on the leaderboard
How to play Slope Game
Press arrow keys to control the ball to avoid obstacles and adjust its weight. Note not to collide with the red walls on the path, otherwise the ball will be broken.
Press left arrow key to move left
Press right arrow key to move right
Gaming tips and tricks:
In order to rank # 1 on the leaderboard, you need to get the highest score. The only way is to try to run away.
Observe the terrain ahead to select the appropriate location.
Play Slope to experience right now, note that this game is very addictive!! Wish you have funny gaming.
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